Interactive Games

For the last year we’ve been focused on setting up our Exeter escape rooms. Now 2017 is here and our rooms “The Scarlet Shadow” and “The Heist” are fully up and running, we’re turning our attention back to our interactive games.

Mystery Boxes
Ideal for birthdays, stag/hen parties, weddings, or just people who want a weekend of mystery solving – want a pop-up crime scene you can investigate in your house? Want to investigate a World War 2 code-breaking bunker in the garage? Rifle through a missing explorers possessions in the garden shed? You pick the location, we provide the scenario.

How it works:
First of all pick your game from the list below. Each box is available to hire from us for periods of up to 3 days, either Tuesday to Thursday or Friday to Sunday (if you require a longer hire period then get in touch). Once you’ve made your booking, we’ll be in touch to arrange pick-up and drop-off times, then you collect the box from our office in Exeter (bring your car, they’re not small!) and return it once you’re done.

Each mystery box is full of props, evidence, detailed information and instructions on how to set up and run the game. Set the scenario up in your location of choice and play the game at your leisure!

Current Interactive Games

The Tears of Vienna

The theft of a priceless necklace sends shockwaves through the high society of Exeter. Stolen from the home of the late Lady Von Melquis, the police are at a loss to identify the thief. Can you put the evidence together and solve the case? Click here to book now!

Coming soon…

Online Treasure Hunts/Alternate Reality Games

Those who played our New Years Day challenge will have had a small taster of this. We’re looking at taking the concept of ARGs, applying our vintage mystery storytelling and bringing in elements of real-world treasure hunts and geocaching to embroil players in a consuming multi-media mystery.

Mystery Subscriptions

For those who can’t get enough mystery and excitement in their lives, we’re looking at offering a subscription service, which will include the above ARG games, discounts on our escape rooms and mysteries boxes, plus other unique material we create.

We will update our site with more information on these projects as soon as we can, and add us on Facebook to keep up to date with all our activities.