The year is 1953. The theft of a priceless necklace sends shockwaves through the high society of Exeter. Stolen from the home of the late Lady Von Melquis, the police are at a loss to identify the thief. Can you put the evidence together and solve the case?

Take the mystery home with you!

The Tears of Vienna is a crime scene in a box, containing everything you need to turn an empty room into a 1950s study where you will attempt to gather enough evidence to solve the mystery. Investigate the crime scene, take whatever notes you deem necessary, then re-group to go through your evidence and the suspect sheets provided. Will you identify the real thief?

The Tears of Vienna ready to play

Game time: 45-60 minutes per team
Team size: We recommend this game for groups of 4 to 16 people, played in teams of 1, 2 or 3.
Requirements: An empty or uncluttered room to set up in, with a table, chair and a window.

Each box is available to hire from us for periods of up to 3 days, either Tuesday to Thursday or Friday to Sunday (if you require a longer hire period then get in touch). The available days below on the booking form denote the first day of the 3 day hire period.

We also highly recommend reading how it works before booking.

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