The Shadow Darkens

Jack Armstrong – the world’s most unfortunate detective – is relying on you to clear his good name. In a world steeped in drama and intrigue, in an office full of codes and puzzles, lies a sinister tale of betrayal and danger. Sharpen your wits and steel your senses, enter the world of 1940s film noir and solve the mystery to escape!
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The Heist


Amid the skyscrapers and stifling heat of the city, a small group of hustlers are planning the steal of the century. You mission is to infiltrate the West Blackridge memorial museum and escape with your prize. Can you pull off steal of the century?
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Rates & Prices:

Prices for our Escape Rooms:

  • Team of 2: £50
  • Team of 3: £60
  • Team of 4: £70
  • Team of 5: £80
  • Team of 6: £90