Interactive Games

We don’t just do Escape Rooms…

Our Interactive Games will be changing soon, although Covid-19 has halted our plans for this year. The Tears of Vienna has now ended, but The Curse of Amenhotep events are still happening in October and December, whilst The Rising Water is currently running as an email game for those who still wish to play. Expect new games in 2021, with more details to appear once we’re able to begin again…

The Rising Water

Become a freelance detective! Taking place between you and a veteran Private Detective – exchanging emails, letters, case files and notes back and forth and researching suspects and evidence online. As the case progresses it will take you deeper into the true heart of darkness surrounding a tragic death and the unfolding mystery surrounding it.

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The Curse of Amenhotep

The Curse of Amenhotep is a two hour interactive mystery experience run in association with Torquay Museum. A seemingly supernatural murder has taken place among the museum exhibits and you and your team have been drafted in to get to the bottom of it. Using your skills of investigation, observation and deduction, you’ll need to scour the eerie corners of the museum after hours to solve the crime. We are currently running the game once a month.

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The Mayhew Mystery

Every year on the 1st January we run a free interactive game that anyone can take part in, the winners of which win various Red House Mysteries related prizes. The Mayhew Mystery was the game that began on 1st January 2020 – although the competition is over, we still have it online as a free game for anyone that would like a small taste of the puzzles we run!

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Here at Red House Mysteries we’ve made many bespoke games and events for many different occasions, from pop-up escape rooms, to day-long treasure hunts. Click here to find out more about the kind of events we’ve run in the past!