Red House Mysteries Exeter

Red House Mysteries Exeter has been open since 2015. Our current rooms “The Shadow Darkens” and “The Danziger Experiment” are among our most popular and devilish yet.

We are located in the very heart of Exeter, just off Fore Street and right near The Fat Pig pub, Board Cafe, McCoys Arcade and a host of other cafes, shops and independent businesses.

Red House Mysteries Exeter is now fully air conditioned!

The Shadow Darkens

Jack Armstrong – the world’s most unfortunate detective – is relying on you to clear his good name. In a world steeped in drama and intrigue, in an office full of codes and puzzles, lies a sinister tale of betrayal and danger. Sharpen your wits and steel your senses, enter the world of 1940s film noir and solve the mystery to escape!
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The Danziger Experiment

BRAND NEW FOR 2022! The year is 1981, the timer is counting down and the stakes have never been higher! Become the scientists and the subjects in this experiment taking place in a Cold War covert lab, set up in the remnants of Danziger Metro Station in East Berlin.

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Rates & Prices:

We run our rooms for teams of 2 to 7 people. There must always be a over 18 on site.
We have a minimum team price of £50.

  • Adults: £22
  • Student/Blue Light/Escape Game Card Holders: £20
  • Children (6 – 17 years): £18
  • Infants (5 or under): Free

We will need to see valid discount cards on arrival. Infants can play for free, but still contribute to the maximum team size.