Room Details and Accessibility

WARNING: This page will contain spoilers for all of our Escape Rooms. Only read on if you are concerned about specific details of the rooms, or require details on accessibility.

First of all – a couple of universal points:

  1. As with all Escape Rooms, you will actually be locked in a room. All our rooms have emergency break glass boxes that will unlock the doors in the event of an emergency. If you or a member of your party are severely claustrophobic then please consider whether you are happy to be locked in a room for 60 minutes before booking. Please check with your party if you are unsure.
  2. There is never anyone in the room with you other than your team members. We do not employ actors in our rooms. The game host will only enter the room if invited in for assistance, or with prior warning if they need to enter if there is problem.
  3. We play music in all our rooms to add to the sense of atmosphere and tension. Music levels can be lowered upon request for those who have sensory issues or are hard of hearing. Please inform the host before the game begins, or politely ask on the radio once the game has begun.

General accessibility information: Red House Mysteries is unfortunately not wheelchair friendly. We are up a flight of about 20 stairs with a handrail, and the building we are in has no lift. Once inside our premises we are step free.

The Shadow Darkens

About the room environment

The Shadow Darkens is a 1940s detective mystery. The environment is a private detective’s office, the lights are low enough to be atmospheric, but at no point does it become completely dark. The music gets increasingly tense as the hour goes on.

Although The Shadow Darkens is not designed to be frightening, at certain points things may open of their own accord which can cause jump scares. There are no other people in the room other than you and your team members.

What are the themes?

There are themes in the story of of intimidation and betrayal, but nothing that is unsuitable for children.


The Shadow Darkens is entirely step free and requires no physicality outside what would be expected of a normal Escape Room.

The Danziger Experiment

About the room environment

The Danziger Experiment is set in a cold war laboratory in an abandoned metro station. The game begins with one team member separated in a relatively small white room with a mirror, whilst the remaining team members are in a the lab observing them. There is low lighting to the first half of the game, but with strategically placed spotlights so important details can still be seen. The music gets increasingly tense and dramatic as the hour goes on.

What are the themes?

The narrative implies that the lab is filling with gas over the course of the hour, but generally there is nothing unsuitable for children.


The Danziger Experiment is step free. One team member will be seperated at the start of the game and will be required to do a small amount of crawling to re-join the rest of the group later on.