“I’ve been hired to look into the death of a 20 year old girl found floating in the harbour a few weeks back. Nasty business…”

A new type of mystery begins…

The Rising Water is a brand new kind of game. It’s a dive in to the heart of darkness surrounding a series of strange murders, played out through furtive emails and evidence recieved in the post. We don’t want to say anymore and spoil the surprise, but if you think you’ve got what it takes to solve the case and save a life, then sign up below!

This game contains adult themes. You must be 18+ to sign up (if parents wish to play the game with children under 18 they do so at their own discretion).

Once you have signed up, your game will begin the following Tuesday.

“Superb, something completely different and very engaging… it made me anxious to come home and see if I had received any more information each day”
“Very creative, beautifully crafted and great fun!”

The Rising Water Playing

Cost: SALE PRICE  £49. As a one off payment – there is no subscription required, and no extra costs or hidden fees.

Fill in the form below to sign up. This is for UK residents only. If you live outside the UK, please click here to sign up. Or, if you wish to buy a gift voucher instead then click here.


Please enter all details in full, as gameplay will depend on accurate information.
No information provided will be shared with any third parties or used by Red House Mysteries in any capacity other than during the course of the game ‘The Rising Water’.
During the course of the game, no other contact details will be used by us other than the ones you have provided.

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