The Danziger Experiment

The year is 1981, the timer is counting down and the stakes have never been higher! Become the scientists and the subjects in this experiment taking place in a Cold War lab, set up in the abandoned remnants of Danziger Underground Station in East Berlin.

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Room Information:

Difficulty: 70% Escape rate

Prices for our Escape Rooms:
We run our rooms for teams of 2 to 7 people. Every team must have at least one paying adult.
We have a minimum team price of £50.

  • Adults: £23
  • Student/Blue Light/Escape Game Card Holders: £21
  • Children (6 – 17 years): £19
  • Infants (5 or under): Free

We will need to see valid discount cards on arrival. Infants can play for free, but still contribute to the maximum team size.

Room Specifics: The Danziger Experiment begins with one team member separated as the test subject. After a certain period, they will be able to rejoin the rest of the team. If you require more details or accessibility information (including minor room spoilers) click here.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 6 can play for free (but still contribute to your total team size, which cannot exceed 7 people).

Select Date and Book

Our online booking form allows bookings up to 12 hours in advance. If you wish to book at shorter notice than this, please contact us for availability. We recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.